Academic Policies

Academic Dishonesty Appeals  
Access the Academic Dishonesty policy on this link
Access information about the Hostos Academic Integrity Officer.
Política de Integridad Académica de CUNY [Spanish]

Cancelled Courses
Course that do not reach sufficient enrollment are subject to cancellation.  Students are notified by e-mail and/or phone as soon as the decision is made.  Students should make certain that their contact information is current with the college so that they can be informed of important decisions.  When classes are cancelled, students should meet with their advisor to select another appropriate course.

Change of Plan (Curriculum/Major)
Students who want to change their major, click here
See the list of unit coordinators*. 
*If the coordinator is not available, the department chairperson can sign.  If the coordinator and the chairperson are both unavailable for an extended period of time, a dean in the Office of Academic Affairs can sign. Academic Advisors can sign for students changing into the A.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences major.

Closed Courses
The number of students allowed to enroll in a course varies according to the type of course offered and the room capacity.  Courses are closed when the maximum number of students allowed have registered.  Once closed, students can only gain entry to the course by gaining approval from the assigned instructor. The instructor cannot give approval if room size does not permit.

Procedures For Handling Student Complaints About Faculty Conduct In Academic Settings
Students are encouraged to attempt to resolve complaints informally with the faculty member or to seek the assistance of the department chairperson or campus ombudsman to facilitate informal resolution. Formal procedures for filing complaints about faculty conduct are accessible on this link. Students may also contact the Office of Academic Affairs (718) 518-6660 for additional information regarding student complaints.
CUNY student complaint procedure.

Grade Appeals
Students with a grade appeal must communicate with the course instructor. Formal grade appeals process is accessible on this link. Students who are denied their appear at the department level, can submit an appeal to the Academic Standards Committee by contacting the Office of Academic Affairs at and 718-518-6660. 

Maximum Course Load
Students who wish to take more than 18 credits must receive approval from a dean in Academic Affairs. Find more details on this link.

For All College Policies
Students can access the College Catalog accessible on this link