Apply To Be A Peer Leader

As a learning support service, Supplemental Instruction (SI) assists students to be successful and persist in their courses by providing an out-of-class, peer-led learning environment intended to compliment traditional class instruction. The SI sessions, led by a Peer Leader (PL), are intended to promote student understanding of course content through guided group activities and the application of different learning strategies for completing assignments and preparing for exams.

If you are interested in joining the SI team, please complete the application form here and email your resume to Ebony Peguero at Your application will be considered only once your resume is submitted.  

Students who have been recommended by a faculty member for the position of Peer Leader should carefully read the job description here.

  • Successful completion of the course for which you will be the Peer Leader with a grade of B+ or higher.
  • A GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Demonstrated competence in the subject matter (as determined by course grade and faculty recommendation)
  • Very strong interpersonal and communication skills are required to engage students and explain and discuss concepts with others