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Silvia Reyes
Program Director


Ebony Peguero
Program Assistant

Describe yourself in three words: “Determined, Empathetic, Responsible”
What is the best part about working in SI?
“The best part about working in the Supplemental Instruction Program is that we can influence students' lives in a positive way. We are here to support students’ academic learning, but also to help them to believe in themselves and their ability to learn, regardless their skills and backgrounds.

Joey Snavely
Program Mentor

Describe yourself in three words: “Dedicated, Driven, and HardWorking"
What was your time at HOSTOS like?
During my time at Hostos I was able to pursue my professional goals by working both in class and later at the HALC as a Criminal Justice Tutor. Now I have the privilege of working with students in the the Supplemental Instruction Program as the Program Mentor."