International Student Admissions Process

International students should review the submission of documents requirement by "Freshman", "Transfer" and "Students Educated Abroad" sections in order to apply for an I-20 Certificate. Prospective students should be aware that an I-20 Certificate can only be issued to a student after he/she has been completely processed and accepted into the college through the University Application Processing Center (UAPC).

International Student Initial Enrollment to Hostos

If you have never been to the United States, you/your sponsor must submit the following documents:

  • Bank letter from the person who will be paying for your tuition which is the equivalent of $15,213.40 - $32,401.40 US dollars. If your sponsor lives outside the U.S., he/she must submit the original bank letter along with an official translation and dollar conversion.

  • Affidavit of Support - this form is to be filled out by the student's sponsor.

  • Once we have received this information, we then issue the I-20 Certificate.

International Transfer Student

If you are under an F-1 Visa already and are just transferring schools, you will need to follow the admissions process first. Once you have received a letter of acceptance to Hostos you need to come to the International Student Office and request our Transfer Release Form.

You should bring with you:

  • Passport & I-94 card

  • All previous I-20 Certificates issued to you

  • Bank Letter indicating the equivalent of $15,213.40 - $32,401.40 USD in a US Bank or its equivalent if your sponsor account is outside the U.S.

  • Affidavit of Support from your sponsor.

Be advised that your I-20 Certificate cannot be issued to you until your previous school transfers it through the SEVIS program. Students doing a Transfer of I-20 Certificate have until 15 days from the start of the semester to complete this process.

The International Student Advisor’s office is located at the Office of Admissions and Recruitment in the B Building, Room 102. You can direct any questions or concerns you have to: Ms. Lisanka Soto, International Student Advisor at (718) 518-4402, or e-mail her at:

  • The "New Hostos I-20 Application" is required of all international students entering Hostos Community College for the first time.

  • The "Hostos Transfer in Form" is required of international students currently in the United States with an active student F-1 Visa in addition to the above.

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