Working On Campus

International students are eligible for on-campus employment for a maximum of twenty hours per week*.  Before beginning on-campus employment you must receive authorization from the DSO.  Once you are offered a position bring your offer letter to the DSO for approval.

To find an on campus position you can try stopping by the Personnel office to find out what on-campus positions are available.  You can also stop by various departments throughout the college to see if there are any openings.  The computer labs also hire students throughout the year.

You may also qualify to be a tutor in an academic field, depending on your grade point average (GPA).

*If you are authorized to work on-campus and also choose to engage in Practical Training (CPT or Pre-OPT), per ICE regulations the total number of hours for the Practical training and on-campus employment can NOT exceed twenty hours while school is in session. You may work full-time during periods when school is not in session or during your annual break.

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