Visiting Hostos

Welcome to Hostos Community College, where opportunity meets excellence! Nestled in the vibrant heart of the Bronx, Hostos is more than just an educational institution – it's a gateway to boundless possibilities.

As you navigate our corridors, allow us to showcase the unparalleled value of joining our diverse and dynamic community. Whether you're a prospective first-year or transfer student or an adult learner seeking new horizons, Hostos invites you to embark on a transformative journey where education transcends boundaries and empowers dreams.

Discover why Hostos is not just a destination but a launching pad to success, innovation, and personal growth. Come, explore, and ignite your potential with Hostos Community College!

Group Campus Tours

The informational tour of the college is led by an admissions advisor. Topics covered during visits include the admissions process, academic programs, student life and more. Registration can be completed by high school counselors, teachers or community based organization representatives interested in requesting a group tour for a maximum of 25 students per event. For inquiries regarding group visits, please email us at

Register Now for an information session for Prospective Students

Virtual Information Session for Prospective Students

The presentation includes information about Hostos admissions process, academic programs, financial aid, student life, and more.

Register Now for an information session for Prospective Students