Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All Gender

What is an all-gender restroom?
An all-gender restroom is an inclusive restroom that anyone of any gender can use. These restrooms can benefit many different people, including parents with differently gendered children, alter-abled people who may require the accompaniment of an attendant of a different gender, and trans and gender nonconforming people.

Who can use all-gender restrooms?
Any student may use the all-gender restrooms. These restrooms are not just for transgender people, but are intended to be inclusive spaces that are safe and accommodating for everyone. 

Who can use restrooms/locker rooms labeled “Men” or “Women”?
Under the law, employees and students have a right to use whichever facility is consistent with their gender identity or expression. That means the gender indicated on the facility will not exclude others from that facility if they identify with that gender. If any employee or student would like a more private restroom or place to change, single-occupancy restrooms have been made available. A list of single-occupancy restrooms can be found here.

Who can use single-occupancy restrooms?
Any employee or student who would like to is able to use single-occupancy restrooms. A list of single occupancy restrooms can be found here.

Who should I contact to report gender bias and trans-related incidents?
You should contact Public Safety (718-518-6888) immediately to report the concern and issue.

Who should I contact if I have a concern and/or want more information regarding the new implementation?
You may contact Public Safety (718-518-6888) or the Office of Compliance and Diversity (718-518-4284) for more information.