Government and External Affairs

The Office of Government and External Affairs is responsible for promoting educational policies set by the President of the College and The City University of New York.  The Director maintains communication and relationships with elected officials at the federal, state and city levels, and serves as an advocate and principal liaison for the college in monitoring the political landscape for funding opportunities and legislation affecting the College and its mission.  The Director is a member of the President’s Extended Cabinet and a member of the CUNY Legislative Action Committee (CLAC) with responsibility for providing political intelligence, coordinating the college's lobbying efforts and providing speakers for public events.  Director Eric Radezky can be reached at 718-518-4342 or

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Hostos Equal Access to Political Candidates Policy

Questions concerning what is permissible with respect to the use of College facilities and on-line platforms by candidates for public office often arise during an election season, including when student groups wish to invite one candidate or their representative to appear on campus.

New York State courts have recognized that partisan political activities are private, not public functions, and the use of public resources for such purpose is improper. Nevertheless, members of the University community retain the right of all other citizens to free speech, including taking positions on public issues, and as individuals to support and vote for candidates for public office. While certain organizations such as the College are prohibited from using its financial resources, facilities or personnel in support of a particular candidate during an election campaign, a forum which provides fair and impartial treatment of candidates, and which does not promote or advance one candidate over another, is acceptable.

When a candidate for public office is invited to speak at a campus in connection with his or her candidacy for office, all other recognized candidates should be provided the same or comparable opportunity to speak. Therefore, it is Hostos Community College’s policy to provide equal access to all candidates running for public office. A candidate wishing to speak on campus or through the College online platform may contact Director and of Government and External Affairs Eric Radezky’s Office at 718-518-4342 or via email at