Timeline & Updates

Hostos Middle States Self-Study Timeline
Spring 2019 Self-Study Co-Chairs Identified
Fall 2019 Hostos team attend MSCHE Self-Study Institute
Campus-wide open forum and call for volunteers
Steering Committee convened and charged
Working groups convened and charged
Self-Study institutional priorities identified 
Working group evidence report format finalized
SharePoint site for evidence inventory developed
MSCHE liaison spring visit scheduled
Spring 2020 Define working group research questions
Working groups begin identifying and evaluating evidence
Steering Committee approves selected evidence
Steering Committee establishes shared lines of Inquiry to inform collaboration between working groups
Hostos Self-Study website launched
Two Self-Study open forums held
Self-Study Design submitted
MSCHE liaison visit held
Summer/Fall 2020 Evidence evaluation and verification
Evidence gaps identified and strategy developed to address gaps
Working groups submit reports on findings
Spring 2021 Self-Study report draft completed
Community reviews draft and submits comments
MSCHE selects evaluation team members and Hostos approves
Summer/Fall 2021 Hostos submits draft of report to MSCHE liaison
Team chair preliminary visit
Draft revision
Draft submission
Spring 2022 MSCHE team site visit
Team report
Institutional response
Summer 2022 Commission determines action

Open/Close section Spring 2020 Timeline

WG Co-Chairs are required to meet with the SC Co-Chairs two to three times

24-Jan Working group (WG) Co-Chairs submit draft of research question to Steering Committee (SC)
30-Jan Drafts of research questions are shared across working groups with request for feedback
4-Feb Working groups and Steering Committee send feedback on research questions to SC Co-Chairs
5-Feb WG Co-Chairs receive feedback on proposed research questions
10-Feb Working groups begin to identify evidence needs to address research questions
11-Feb WG Co-Chairs submit draft 2 of research questions to Steering Committee
14-Feb WG Co-Chairs receive (1) response to draft 2 research questions and (2) draft of the Self-Study Design (SSD)
21-Feb Working groups send (1) feedback to SSD and (2) a list of evidence aligned with each research question
27-Feb College Wide Open Forum
28-Feb SSD submitted to MSCHE
2-Mar WG and SC attend meeting to discuss evidence. SC provides revisions to evidence list and alignment with research questions
4-Mar Evidence list approval sent to WG Co-Chairs along with notification of shared lines of inquiry between groups
9-Mar WG with shared lines of inquiry meet and establish collaboration protocol
13-Mar Host Dr. Hilda Colon-Plumey, MSCHE VP
27-Mar WGs submit first interim report
8-Apr Working groups receive feedback from SC on first interim report
30-Apr College-Wide Open Forum
1-May WGs submit second interim report
14-May Working groups receive feedback from SC on second interim report
18-May WG Co-Chairs meet with SC to organize summer work
Open/Close section Summer 2020 Timeline
June Evidence verification
July Evidence verification
August Evidence verification
Open/Close section Fall 2020 Timeline

WG Co-Chairs are required to meet with the Steering Committee Co-Chairs two to three times this semester

September Working groups meet twice. Develop third interim report
October Working groups meet twice. Submit third interim report
November Working groups meet twice and review feedback on draft
December Working groups meet twice and submit final (fourth) report
January Working groups meet as needed to address final questions regarding report
Open/Close section Spring 2021 Timeline
February No meetings as draft of Self-Study is written
March Working groups meet to review and respond to drafts of report
April Working groups meet to address community feedback to self-study draft and submit response feedback to Steering Committee
May Working groups meet once to address pending items
Open/Close section Summer 2021 Timeline
June Self-Study revisions
July Self-Study revisions
August Self-Study completed