2017 - 2022 Strategic Plan

Hostos’ 2017-2022 Strategic Plan: A Bridge to Student Success was developed through an intense college-wide process that engaged diverse voices and perspectives. The result is an unapologetically student-focused plan that underscores the College’s commitment to student success. In addition to setting aspirational student performance goals, the Strategic Plan is grounded by five cross-cutting commitments: Assessment, Communication, Community Engagement, Professional Development and Systems Alignment. Student success depends on operational effectiveness.

Process for Developing Hostos' Strategic Plan

The President convenes the President’s Retreat Group at least twice annually to review, reflect on, and develop annual operational plans. Informed by input from college-wide town halls, key performance indicators and other forms of institutional data, the President’s Retreat Group identifies priorities, and develops a framework for operational planning, including setting performance goals for key outcomes (in alignment with PMP reporting). Cabinet reviews and refines the priorities, and division leadership communicates these priorities to their unit directors. Unit directors incorporate the institutional priorities into their Annual Planning and Assessment Report templates for the coming year. Division leadership reviews the proposed unit-level actions informed by anticipated outcomes and the annual budgeting process.