Aphorisms and Meditations


If you want to be a complete human being, put all the energies of your soul into all your life’s actions.
                                                 ---- Diario, I,O.C. (1939), 226


Human form, which is not in and end of itself indecorous,
impudent, immoral or licentious,
is virtually and essentially beautiful.
The art that reprodces it exactly reproduces harmony.

                                              ---- Critica, O.C. (1939), 59


If to wish goodness is to be a dreamer, to walk with perseverance on the thorny path that leads to it,
forgiving the wrongdoing of fools, the foolishness of eveildoers,
the lack of temperance of those who are intolerant,
the errors, the falseness, the injustices, the inciting vanity,
I rather go on dreaming and will continue dreaming the rest of my days.

                                                    ----Diario, I, O.C. (1939), 311


But since pessimism is hort-lived and optimism is long-lasting in an honest mind,
I am thinking that if the intent to do good is never wasted,
then the purpose to help people to be benevolent is always opportune.
To guide them towards that end, there is nothing furthest but also nothing more certain than attaining their unity.

                                                        ----Cartas, O.C. (1939), 167


Think of human beings as children, so that a smile will always illuminate your face.
                                                             ----Hombres e ideas, O.C. (1939), 291