Initiative 1 - Families United in Education

Families United in Education is a program designed to encourage family progress.  A cohort of parent/child or siblings would be selected to participate in a first-year intensive program, including mentoring, tutoring and cultural enhancements.  The goal is to have families measure their progress by making satisfactory progress in credit completion and a G.P.A. of 2.5.  Scholarships, with amount to be identified, will be presented at the end of each semester, at a time of a celebratory meal and students’ registration for the following semester. Family members (at least two per family) who have a two-three- year college completion together, will receive a scholarship to support their continued educational path. Regardless of the scholarships, special consideration will have to be given about the process for this as we need to ensure that students are not being over packaged. This will affect their financial eligibility.

Download FUiE application here <pdf>