Initiative 2 - Mentor/Mentee Jobs on Campus

Mentor/Mentee Jobs on Campus for students is a program designed to improve undergraduate students’ job skills and future job retention by engaging students in jobs that support administrative work in a professional office setting. Students will be mentored by a faculty or staff member and develop a mindset and habits consistent with professional conduct in an office setting. This will enhance students’ preparation for the workforce and job readiness. Working with existing work study opportunities and increasing hourly rate, selected students will work a minimum of ten hours a week with a supervisor/mentor who ensures that academic requirements are being met. A number of workshops conducted by faculty and staff will also serve to educate students on budgeting, finance management, career orientation, etiquette and will include attendance of cultural events both on and off campus,  Additionally,  mandatory group meeting(s) for student workers will be coordinated, thus offering an opportunity for them to bond and reflect on experiences together. Other potential activities to be considered : At different points in the semester, submitting updates to Semanario or, if preferred,  reflecting on their journey on our social media channels.

Career Development Day - January 2023 - Workshops for Mentors