Probation, Dismissal, and Appeals Process

Students who fail to achieve the required academic standards, as specified below, will be placed on probation for one semester. Students on probation who fail to achieve the required standards at the end of the spring semester will be dismissed from the University.

Students who are dismissed may inquire about the appeal process with the Office of the Dean of Students. Members of the College Academic Standards Committee review appeals.

Academic Standards

The following table indicates the minimum cumulative index (Grade Point Average) that must be earned at specific levels of credits attempted and the satisfactory rate of progress expected in each block of credits or billable equivalent credits attempted:

Credits Attempted

Minimum Cumulative GPA (Index)

00 - 12.5..... .................. 1.50
13 - 24.5..... .................. 1.75
25 - upward.. .................. 2.00

Limited Probation

The Academic Standards and Awards Committee will determine the maximum number of credits for which a student, whose appeal has been granted, will be allow to register on the basis of the student's academic record.

Automatic Denial

Students who have opted to use the appeal process, but for whom the Committee has determined no probability of meeting minimum GPA standards are to be denied probation extension.

Readmission Standard

Students dismissed under automatic denial, who have been readmitted after a minimum of one (1) semester of non-enrollment, will be allowed two (2) semesters to meet minimum GPA retention standards.

Annual Review

All probationary students' records will be evaluated at the end of the Spring semester. Those not meeting minimum GPA standards will be dismissed.

For more information about the Academic Standards and Appeal Process (including the documents that must be submitted and a Sample Set-Up Letter), please click here.