Assistive Technology

The Accessibility Resource Center offers an extensive selection of assistive technologies, paired with individualized training.  
Students registered with the Center are permitted to borrow equipment such as recorders, Livescribe Smart Pens, Handheld Scanners, or FM transmitters for the duration of a semester. They are required to sign a release form which states that they are responsible for the equipment if lost, stolen, or broken.  

Some of the Assistive Technology devices and softwares that we offer students:
  Livescribe Echo Smartpen is a digital audio recorder device which synchronizes text and audio recordings. It is ideal for classroom settings.  
  Kurzweil, Jaws, Zoom Text, Voice Over, and Dragon are assistive software that offer access and support to a broad population of students.  
  ARC offers iPad loans with onboard applications specifically designed to help students in higher education.   
  Use of laptop during class is a common accommodation for registered ARC students.  
  QuickLook: a lightweight, full color, electronic portable print magnifier with an integrated 4” LCD flat screen display.  
  P.I.A.F (Picture in a flash) produces high quality tactile graphics for blind and visually impaired students.   
  ClearView 700 computer compatible CCTV: allows a student to use a CCTV and a computer at the same time.  
  The pocket-sized recorder is a sleek and powerful tool with a memory that holds nearly 72 hours of continuous recording. Great for students who have been approved to use classroom recording devices.  
  Clearview+ HD 22" TFT Ultra Flexible Arm enables visually impaired students to be able to read handouts and other printed material.  
  Magic Wand: Is a hand held scanner for scanning printed materials, class notes, handouts as well as photos. The materials are saved as either PDF or JPEG format.    
  ClearView Flex 17" LCD CCTV: Color Flat Screen CCTV with an adjustable monitor arm that allows a student to adjust the screen for optimal visibility and comfort.  

  The Quicklook Classic is a light weight robust handheld video magnifier with a built in rechargeable battery. The Quicklook Classic delivers a premium image and 3 steps of magnification.  
  Smartboard: The smartboard is used for workshops, presentations, as well as other ARC related events. It synchronizes a dry-erase board, touch screen technology, and a projector screen to create the perfect took for hands on classroom learning.  
  FM Systems are used by individuals with hearing difficulty to magnify the sounds in a room. They can be used in classrooms and at events throughout campus.