HRA Fellowship Program

The HRA Fellowship Program (FP) provides limited paid work opportunities for eligible CUNY EDGE students. The primary goal of the FP program is to support CUNY EDGE students with meeting HRA compliance requirements while gaining valuable work experience and building their resumes.

How to Join the Fellowship Program___________________________


  • You must be a matriculated CUNY EDGE Student

  • Get your FIA School Enrollment Letter, form (W-700D), completed by the CUNY EDGE Office – Room A-334

  • Submit the completed FIA School Enrollment Letter to:

HRA TAG (Training Assessment Group) 
Location: 109 East 16th Street
New York, NY 10003

HRA determines your eligibility partly based on:

  • the number of hours reflected on your FIA School Letter

  • your individual case type

HRA will assign the total number of weekly hours you may work, which may be up to 19 hours per week.


  • All eligible students must then attend the CUNY EDGE mandatory FP orientation and three professional development seminars

  • Attend a Payroll Orientation

  • Start HRA Fellowship placement site process

Fellowship Site Placement_______________________________________

  • CUNY EDGE staff will identify available work opportunities on campus.

  • We screen and match students to appropriate sites, taking into consideration their majors, interests, and experience.

  • Students gain invaluable professional experience and build their resumes.

If your office is interested in hosting an HRA Fellowship student or for more information, please speak to our CUNY EDGE office.
Contact CUNY EDGE Fellowship Coordinator:
Ruby Calle
(718) 518-4363