Confidentiality & What to Expect

The Carlos L. González Counseling Center maintains a strict policy on confidentiality. All student information and sessions are private and confidential. Nothing is entered in the student’s academic record or shared without the student’s signed consent. Staff members, however, may disclose information deemed necessary in cases of harm to self or others, evidence of child abuse/ neglect, or upon court order.
 What to Expect
The focus of the initial appointment is to understand your concerns and how your daily functioning is being impacted. Staff will provide support, respond to student concerns, and assess student needs.
Examples of Student Concerns
  • Academic difficulties (stress management, time management, procrastination, financial, conflict with classmates, teachers, balancing school and life roles)
  • Depression, anxiety, mood, eating disorders, addiction & substance abuse
  • Anger management, self-esteem, cultural and identity issues, gender, sexual orientation
  • Interpersonal concerns with family, dating & relationships, friends, conflict management
  • Emergencies (acute stress, suicidality, sexual assault, death of a family member or friend)
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