Hostos Community College supports students who, in the current environment, are called away to duty during their college career. Deployed students are given as wide a latitude as possible to enable them to seamlessly resume their studies as soon as they are able to do so.

Total Withdrawal for Military Reasons
The Board of Trustees policies on the treatment of students who leave CUNY to fulfill military obligations established the following rules:
  • Students called to the reserves or drafted before the end of the semester:
    • Grades. In order to obtain a grade, a student must attend 13 weeks (5 weeks for summer session).
    • Refunds. A student called up to the reserves or drafted who does not attend for a sufficient amount of time to qualify for a grade is entitled to 100% refund of tuition and other fees except application fees.
  • Students who volunteer (enlist) for the military:
    • Grades. Same provision as for students called up to the reserves. In order to obtain a grade a student must attend 13 weeks (5 weeks for summer session).
    • Refunds. The amount of the refund depends upon whether the withdrawal is before the 5th week of classes.
      • Withdrawal before the beginning of the 5th calendar week (3rd calendar week for summer session): 100% refund of tuition and all other fees except application fees.
      • Withdrawal thereafter: 50% refund.
Re-Enrollment of Veterans
Veterans that are returning students are given preference in the following ways:
  • Readmission in a probationary or non-degree status will be granted to the veteran who is a former student with an unsatisfactory academic record.
  • Upon their return from active duty, veterans may register even after normal registration periods end, without late fees or other penalties.
  • Veterans who are matriculating students may apply to earn up to 18 credits for United States Armed Forces Institute courses in which they have passed final exams, and for other military education and training.
  • Veterans returning too late to register may audit classes without charge.
Late Admissions
  • Veterans with no previous college experience are permitted to file applications up to the end of registration, and are allowed to begin classes pending completion of their application and provision of supporting documents.
Readmission Fee
  • Upon return from military service, a student will not be charged a readmission fee to register at the same college.