Know your Rights with ICE

You are part of our community, we want our students to know that we are always here for them. Below are several documents containing information on how to protect yourself or a loved one in the case of an ICE interaction.

ICE in Public

  • ICE officers DO NOT need a judicial warrant or an administrative warrant to speak to you in public.
  • If an ICE officer approaches you in public, first ask, “Am I free to go?” BEFORE giving them any of your personal information.
  • If they say no, you can say, “I want to use my right not to answer any of your questions.” This may not stop them from trying to detain you, but you are putting your right to remain silent to good use.

ICE at Home

  • If ICE comes knocking at your door, ask to see a JUDICIAL warrant. A judicial warrant is signed by a judge and is different from an administrative warrant.
  • ICE CAN NOT enter your home with an administrative warrant. This warrant has very little legal power, since it was created by ICE.
  • DO NOT open the door without seeing the judicial warrant. Either ask ICE to slide the warrant under the door OR to hold it up in the window.
  • If ICE enters your home, you have the right to REMAIN SILENT.
  • If ICE enters your home, you have the right to RECORD the interaction.
  • Do not LIE and do not give ICE officers FAKE documents.

ICE in the Workplace

  • If you are in a break-room that is for employees only at your place of work, ICE officers CAN NOT enter that space without a judicial warrant, due to that space being designated as ‘private.’
  • In the event of an ICE RAID, ICE will show up to your place of work unannounced. If ICE discovers unauthorized workers on the premises, they may arrest and detain them.
  • In the event of an ICE AUDIT, ICE may show up to your place of work unannounced or they may have given your employer prior notice. In this case, ICE will ask your employer to provide I-9 forms for all employees. If the I-9s are not on file, the employer has 3 days to provide them to ICE. Please note that your employer has the right to let you go if you cannot provide I-9 documentation.

If you are questioned or detained by ICE, call the New York State Liberty Defense Team and Office for New Americans Hotline: 800-566-7636.

Safety Plan Videos:

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