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Our mission is to engage with and support people who have been involved with the criminal legal system and advocate for equitable access to higher education and careers.
Vision: We envision a campus, a community, a city, and a world in which people who have been involved in the criminal legal system have equal opportunities and access to higher education. 
  • To work across divisions in the College to help create and sustain an equitable and welcoming environment that supports academic access, persistence, degree completion, and leadership opportunities.
  • To serve as a hub and point of contact for justice-impacted students. 
  • To create and maintain an inclusive, safe space for justice-impacted students to learn and grow. 
If you are a student who has been impacted by the criminal justice system and need support in earning your degree, please reach out to Marsha Milan-Bethel, Student Services Specialist for support at mmilanbethel@hostos.cuny.edu or at (718) 664-2765. She can connect you to appropriate campus and community resources.
Supports for CUNY Students with conviction histories
FAQ Attending College with a Conviction Record
Supports for Students with Conviction Records – The City University of New York (cuny.edu)
Additional CUNY Resources and Support Programs
Opportunities for Hostos Community College Students
Holistic Oasis for Parents' Education (HOPE) - Hostos Community College (cuny.edu)
Beyond the Bars Fellowship Program
Paralegal Pathways Initiative | Center for Institutional & Social Change (columbia.edu) (Spring semester)
Hostos JUSTICE Committee Members:
Marsha Milan-Bethel, Co-Chair, mmilanbethel@hostos.cuny.edu 
Sarah Hoiland, Co-Chair, shoiland@hostos.cuny.edu 
Committee Members
Sam Byrd, Continuing Education and Workforce Development
Aleris Gonzalez, Career Services
Karina Guardiola, Student Success Coaching Unit
Hector Soto, Assistant Professor
Dr. Elys Vasquez-Iscan, Associate Professor
Henry Edwards, Hostos Alumni
John Gargano, Hostos Alumni
Ashley Phillips, CUNY Student
Campus Allies
Dr. La Toro Yates, Vice President of SDEM
Dr. Diana Cruz, CUNY/Math Start
Olen Dias, Associate Professor
Peter Mertens, Dean CEWD