We are SSCU

Each Coach will provide necessary information, advocacy and referral services within a personal and caring environment throughout your academic career. Our Coaches come from unique backgrounds that we count on to enrich the unit and the experiences of our students.

Meet the SSCU Team

Jason Pelosi, Success Coach Director
Santa Arocho, Success Coach Associate Director
Temu Watson, Success Coach Associate Director
Michelle Taylor, Administrative Coordinator

Senior Coaches   
Allison Baptiste
Graciano Matos
Aixa McLean
Foundation Coaches 
Edwin Diaz
Amanda Fousse-Lugo
Cesar Garrido
Karina Guardiola
Alba Lynch
Theudys Mejia
Emani Palma
Angel Santana
Sheryce Woolery
Jaime Woody
Dominique Winstead

Please make sure to email your Success Coach directly when you have a question or want to schedule an appointment to check in!