National Conference on Ethics in America (NCEA)


The National Conference on Ethics in America (NCEA) is a conference sponsored by the West Point class of 1970 (“Serve with Integrity”) which was created with the intention to develop a national awareness of ethical behavior in the undergraduate community, to improve collegiate codes of ethics and honor systems across the nation by drawing on the experiences and value systems of students from various colleges and universities and to provide students with the opportunity to discuss issues of character and integrity with proven athletes, business and government officials, as well as leaders of character across varying fields of enterprise.

The theme for NCEA is Serving with Integrity. The Founding Fathers built this nation on a strong set of moral values. They put their lives, objectives and even loved ones at jeopardy in order to carry out their just cause. Today is no different; every day students face a multitude of ethical dilemmas. Whether it is cheating on a test, using fake identification, or knowing when to intervene on a distasteful situation, ethical decisions are an integral part of our lives.

By sharing personal philosophies and collectively addressing ethical issues with students from a variety of academic environments, there is an increased awareness of ethical challenges and the different moral philosophies that govern people's decisions. This awareness will undoubtedly lead to a better understanding of the ethical dilemmas that face our country and help all involved to design solutions to these dilemmas. The world does not change at this conference, but through thoughtful discussion and by imparting to one another a better understanding of the ethical dilemmas that face our country, it is believed that each and every delegate can be empowered to make a change on his or her campus.

--National Conference on Ethics in America 

Fall 2012
Juan Escobar
Sandra May Flowers

Fall 2011
Elvia Bustos
Manuel Mercedes

Fall 2010
Elvin Mendez
Imane Elomari

Fall 2009
Gael Georges
Ricarda Contreras

Fall 2008
Did Not Participate

Fall 2007
Mercedes Williams