Effective Fall 2013, CUNY implemented the Pathways Initiative. Pathways establishes a new system of General Education requirements and new transfer guidelines across all CUNY Colleges. Once fulfilled at one CUNY College, these General Education requirements will transfer seamlessly when students transfer to any other CUNY College. The Pathways General Education Requirements must be completed to earn an Associate in Arts (AA), Associate in Science (AS) or Bachelor's Degree from CUNY. Students pursuing an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree must complete part of the Common Core. If an AAS student later transfers to an AA, AS, or Bachelor's degree program, that student will need to complete any part of the Common Core that s/he has not yet completed.

The Pathways curriculum require students to complete 30 credits Common Core of General Education Requirements. Each CUNY college can require Bachelor's degree students to take another 6 - 12 credits of General Education through the College Option.

For more information, visit the CUNY Pathways website.