Hostos Research Center (HRC)
Committee on Sponsored Programs and Grants (CSPG)
2023 ADELANTE Project
ADvancing Excellence in Liberal Arts, scieNces, Technology and Engineering
ADELANTE Winning Proposals
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Animating Science Labs: Digital-Media Students as Co-Creators of Science Curriculum
Dr. Nelson Nuñez Rodríguez | PI – Award $10,000
Professor Andrew London | Co-PI
Natural Sciences Department | Humanities Department
I-to-I: Self Portrait and Identity, Libuše Jarcovjáková and Marie Tomanova
Dr. Thomas Beachdel | PI – Award $10,000
Lucie Černá | Co-PI
Humanities Department
The Revolutionary Print Shop: Establishing a Sustainable Model for Apprenticeship
Professor Catherine Lewis, MFA | PI – Award $10,000
Humanities Department
NYC Parle Francais!: Teaching Videos of our Francophone Communities
Dr. Nicole Wallenbrock | PI – Award $7,900
Humanities Department
Connections, Community, Careers - Enhancing the Educational Experience of LAS-AS Students at Hostos Community College
Dr. Anna Ivanova | PI – Award $10,000
Ms. Karla Contreras, M.Sc., Dr. Andrea Fabrizio | Co-PI
Natural Sciences Department | Office of Academic Affairs
Seizing the Language of Rights: Race and Citizenship in Jacinto Ventura de Molina
Dr. Emmanuel Velayos Larrabure | PI – Award $6,000
Humanities Department
Beyond Expression: Phenomenologies of Reception in Gloria E. Anzaldúa and Josefina Báez
Dr. Inmaculada Lara Bonilla | PI – Award $6,313.20
Humanities Department

Introducing African Americans and Hispanic Students of Hostos CC to the Underrepresented Field of STEM Programs – Taxonomy - Through the Active Participation of Students in the NSF Project for the Creation and Development Database for the Research Collection of the American Museum of Natural History
Dr. Vladimir Ovtcharenko | PI – Award $9,940
Natural Sciences Department
The Myth of the “Good Woman”: Forced Motherhood in the Mid-Victorian Period
Dr. Christine Choi | PI – Award $8,000
English Department
Lab to Land: Modification/Development of Anti-Microbial Drugs through Molecular-Microbiological Research
Dr. Debasish Roy | PI – Award $10,000
Natural Sciences Department
Other Possible Games – Hostos Game Design Studio Year 2
Professor Marcelo D. Viana Neto, MFA | PI – Award $10,000
Professor Matthew R. F. Baloušek | Co-PI
Humanities Department