New York City, NY (May 16, 2022) – Hostos Community College Assistant Professors of Game Design Juno Morrow and Marcelo Viana Neto are members of New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ and MOME Game Development Industry Council. The new council will advise the city’s production policies and programs in the Digital Games industry and is made up of various leaders of New York City’s digital games sector.

Making New York City a leading hub for digital game development was a vital piece of Mayor Adams’ “Rebuild, Renew, Reinvent: A Blueprint for New York City’s Economic Recovery” announced in March. Today, Mayor Adams took steps towards that aim by announcing the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME) partnership with City College to offer the first-ever Bachelor’s Degree program in Digital Game Design and introduced the first-ever Game Development Industry Council. Read the full press release on the GLOBAL HUB FOR DIGITAL GAMES INDUSTRY from Mayor Adams’ Office here.
Until now, Hostos Community College was the first public college in New York to offer a game design degree, within CUNY. The Hostos faculty have built a viable, high quality, industry-connected program that provides a pipeline for black and brown kids to the Game Design industry.
Assistant Professor Morrow remarked, "We are so excited to be represented in this council, to advocate for our students and alumni, creating new transfer and career opportunities as New York City becomes a major game development hub. The future is bright for the games industry and our community here in NYC."​
Hostos and CCNY are a perfect match to develop an articulation agreement for Hostos Game Design associate degree recipients to transfer credits to CCNY Bachelor’s Degree Program in Game Design. Hostos and CCNY already share a successful partnership with the Grove School of Engineering.
"I am very proud that Hostos is playing a part in the creation of CUNY's first-ever Game Design Bachelor program at City College and the city’s first-ever Digital Games Industry Council, side-by-side with such important partners,” said Hostos Community College President Daisy Cocco De Filippis. “I am thrilled that Professors Morrow and Viana Neto will play a role in the Game Development Industry Council and given our long history of collaborating with City College, and as the only community college in CUNY that offers an associate in Game Design, we welcome one more impactful opportunity for our students to attend such an effective institution. Together we will impact New York City's economic recovery, educate talent, and empower lives."
The members of the Game Development Industry Council are:  
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