To the Hostos family,
I share this sad news with the heaviest of hearts: Adriana Garcia de Aldridge, Acting President of Hostos Community College, 1986-87, has passed away.
Acting President de Aldridge was a fierce believer in Hostos and its mission. As her time as AP drew to a close, she wrote to then-Governor Mario Cuomo to state her case for greater funding for the College. Noting how underfunding was creating “extraordinarily high attrition rates and distressingly low graduation rates,” de Aldridge laid it on the line. “Somewhere the cycle must be broken. I believe a school like Hostos can be a powerful force [...] if it is treated in an equitable manner in respect to funding.”
Hostos owes not only its creation but its survival to partisans like Adriana Garcia de Aldridge. We note her accomplishments, celebrate her existence, and mourn the loss of her. 
In sorrow,

Daisy Cocco De Filippis, Ph.D.