The New York Times music critic Giovanni Russonello reviewed Hostos’ three-day Tito Puente Retrospective, held April 20 to April 22. Here is just some of what he had to say:
This kind of celebration is rarely given to the city’s Latin music tradition, though it runs nearly as deep in the New York soil as jazz (even if it is not as globally known). The music of East Harlem and the South Bronx in the postwar years represents a creative flush at a time of broad progressive consensus and national economic boom. Like bebop and early rock ’n’ roll, midcentury mambo and what would eventually become known as salsa will always bear the aspirational residue of their time. Even today, they ring with the inspired resonance of new substances colliding.
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Hostos was also featured in CNN Money, which profiled Hostos’ Dental Hygiene Program:
From CNN Money reporter Heather Long:
"It's the greatest feeling when you make a difference for people," says Kendra Francilot, a 23-year-old student in the Hostos program. She often works on patients with no insurance. Francilot grew up in Haiti, surviving the devastating earthquake in 2010 that took the lives of an estimated 300,000. She vowed to dedicate her life to helping others. Her dream is to return to Haiti one day, either on medical missions or to open a clinic.
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