Alumni Relations Director, Nydia R. Edgecombe and Professor Yoel Rodríguez.

As a way to highlight Hostos’ successful engineering graduates, and to keep the bonds strong with alumni and the Hostos family, the Second Annual Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, and Chemical Engineering Programs’ Alumni Reunion was held on April 25th 2017 in the A-Atrium.

The event featured an awards ceremony hosted by Alumni Relations Director, Nydia R. Edgecombe and Professor Yoel Rodríguez, a computational biologist who recently earned a Fulbright Fellowship grant to speed the search for new heart medicines.

“Back in 2003, VP Carlos Molina, Dean Cohen, and I got together to discuss creating an opportunity for underrepresented students to pursue an Engineering Major at Hostos that would seamlessly transfer to City College,” said Keynote speaker Ardie D. Walser, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at The City College of New York’s Grove School of Engineering.

The event was rounded-out with speeches from Provost Christine Mangino and, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Ana Martínez. A musical interlude was performed by Electrical Engineer Luis Delgado (Class of 2013) and Ven Conmigo.

The Second Annual Alumni Reunion featured an Engineering Alumni Honorees Recognition & Award Ceremony with top honors going to Joseph Wokpetach and Yesenia Lendor-Montero, who affectionately told students, faculty, and staff in attendance that “coming back to Hostos is like coming home and I thank each and every one of you for this great honor.”

Other honorees include Ibrahim Alassani, Maskana Adedjouman, Thomas Báez, Ricky Bhola, Toufik Bousbassi, Leandra Carter, Angel Cuevas, Zhihui Cui, Luis Delgado, Luis Encarnación-Santana, Carolos Filho, Stefany Franco, Luis García, Luis Ramos Herrera, Dejolie Christelle Makouteu, Yenkis Mata, Abayomi Odeseye, Adrian Posada, Juan Roman, Sandy Rosas, Benjamin Saah, Diomedes Sanchez, Daniel Sodkiewicz, Iddris Tawfiq, Humphrey Vicente, Lin Xiao-Ting, Ahmed Zaiton. 

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