Activate Your Hostos Faculty ID Card

The smart classrooms in the “B” (500 Grand Concourse) and “C” (450 Grand Concourse) buildings have now been outfitted with the new door lock systems.  These new locks will now allow all faculty to unlock smart classroom doors with their Hostos issued faculty ID cards.

In order for all faculty to have their ID cards activated to enter all SALTO Lock smart classrooms, please follow the steps below.

  1. Please visit the Office of Public Safety in C-030 (basement of the C building) to have your ID cards added to the system.

    *Note: If your ID card was issued after September 2013, you do not need to do step 1.

  2. Once your ID has been added to the system, you will need to place your ID card on any one of 4 campus “Updater” devices until you see a green light. This action essentially gives your cards access to the classrooms. The locations of these “Updater” devices are as follows:
    • Public Safety Dispatch (C building basement opposite the elevators)
    • A Building Lobby Public Safety Desk
    • B Building Lobby Public Safety Desk
    • C Building Lobby Public Safety Desk

      *If you see a red light, this indicates an issue with your ID card. Please bring your ID card to the IT Department to have it re-initiated manually.

  3. Upon completion of the above steps, you can go to a smart classroom and hold your ID card up to the sensor; once the sensor detects your access, the light will flash green and unlock the door.

Please note that the access on the cards expires every 90 days, at which point you simply need to place your ID card on an “Updater” device to re-initialize your access; you do not need to re-visit Public Safety each time. We are working on options to have additional “Updater” devices placed at convenient locations throughout the campus in the future.

If you experience any difficulties in either activating your ID card, or accessing the classrooms once you have followed the above steps, please feel free to reach out to the Public Safety department (718-518-6888) or IT Help Desk (718-518-6646). Additionally, if you currently have physical keys to these classrooms, please turn these in to Public Safety once you have successfully tested your ID card access.

We are hopeful that the system will help relieve the inconveniences associated with timely access to your classrooms. As always, however, please make sure to close the classroom doors once your class is over to ensure the protection of the sensitive equipment therein.

REMINDER: To use the smart classrooms, you must have completed the Smart Classroom Essentials workshop, please register here.