To Whom Can Employees & Students Report Criminal Offenses

To Whom Can Employees & Students Report Criminal Offenses For The Purposes Of Making Timely Warning Reports & Annual Statistical Disclosure - The Department of Public Safety strongly encourages employees and students to report all criminal offenses to a member of the Public Safety Service. However, employees and students may also report criminal offenses to a college official who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities, including, but not limited to, student housing, student discipline, and campus judicial proceedings. Persons in these titles are usually referred to on campus as the Dean of Students (718) 518-6557, Director of Student Activities (718) 518-6541, Director of Personnel, (718) 518-6650.

Persons serving in these titles who receive a report of criminal activity must ensure that it is forwarded to the Department of Public Safety or local police authorities. (It is strongly encouraged that reports be made immediately when ever possible to the Public Safety Department on campus for the purposes of making timely warning reports & annual statistical disclosure). The Department of Public Safety through written correspondence to the Office of the Dean of Student Services encourages; Pastoral Counselors and professional counselors to inform persons they are counseling of procedures to report crimes on a voluntary and confidential basis. This information would be used for inclusion in the annual disclosure of crime statistics, if and when reported and deemed necessary by the counselors. Inclusion will only be made after substantiated evidence of an actual occurrence can be proven. Confidentiality of the persons reporting crimes can only be extended within the scope of the investigation and the law.