Signage and Communications

Efforts to keep our campus safe are a cooperative action. We know that each of us in the Hostos campus community is doing as much as we can for each other's health and safety. Whether it's signage, an email, or a page on our website, we're focused on consistent, accessible, and user-friendly COVID-19 communications.

Signs are there to remind us all about rules for the campus during the pandemic; provide information for specific spaces; and guide the movement of people. The College has posted these signs in all spaces currently unlocked and in use. This includes building entrances; in lobbies, hallways, and stairways; at elevators; at and inside bathrooms; and in classrooms and offices. Signage supports the information on this website and in our COVID-19 Plan

Communications will also go out to the campus community through various channels, including the website, email, and social media. Details can be found in our COVID-19 Plan too.

Sample signs

Below are a few examples of signs you might find on our campus.

If you're interested in having copies of posters printed for use in your area or have specific needs addressed, please reach out to us via email.

Poster with the words "Welcome to Campus" and guidelines for entering the campus.
Description: This poster gives a brief list of our campus guidelines and can be found at building entrances.

Sign: "Not feeling well? Stay home if you have a fever or flu-like symptoms such as a cough, trouble breathing, sore throat, runny nose, or body aches. Do not come on campus. If you begin to feel sick while on campus, stay where you are and call Public Safety at extension 6888."
Description: This sign reminds everyone on campus that they should stay home if they feel sick, and to stay in place and contact Public Safety if they become ill on campus.

Sign: "Help us maintain a safe distance from each other: Up to [blank] people in this room at any time, and follow any markings on the floor and on seating." Graphic under text illustrates 2 people 6 feet apart.
Description: This poster specifies the maximum number of people who should be in a space, and reminds everyone that this is an effort to maintain physical distance from others.

Sign: "Elevator is limited to 2 people at a time. Continue to wear face coverings while inside. If you're able, take the stairs so those who need an elevator have a shorter wait."
Description: This poster includes occupancy information for elevators, and encourages people to use the stairs to prioritize elevators for those who need them.