Latin American Writers Institute (LAWI)

The Latin American Writers Institute (LAWI) was founded by Professor Isaac Goldemberg at The City College of New York in 1987. Housed at Hostos Community College since 1992, LAWI is an organization devoted to promoting Latin American and Latino literature in the United States. LAWI presents the work of Latino writers to different audiences, by publishing books under its imprint The Latino Press; by editing two bilingual journals, Brújula/Compass and Hostos Review/Revista Hostosiana; by sponsoring readings and conferences; by offering writing workshops; by sponsoring the Latino Literature Prize in Poetry and Fiction, and by organizing the “LibroFest Latino BookFest”.

LAWI also functions as a clearing house on Latino and Latin American literature. Its services are available to professors, journalists, reviewers, translators, editors, and publishers who are interested in writers for readings, conferences, and workshops and who might need skilled Latino writers for editing, teaching, translation, and writing projects.

In keeping with its goal of increasing intercultural understanding, LAWI's activities are designed for a multiethnic audience and seek to recognize and encourage cultural diversity in its membership and in all of its programs.

Professor Isaac Goldemberg, Director
Room: C - 411I
Telephone: (718) 518-6589/6680