On-Campus Recruitment for Employers

There are two options for meeting students on HCC campus:

On-Campus Recruitment:
Recruitment table is set up in a central location where it is open to the entire student body.

On-Campus Interviews:
Individual interviews may be coordinated with a focused group of students who have been pre-screened by a career counselor.

Please contact our Sr. Employment Counselor, Gregory S. Ventura, at least 3 weeks in advance to schedule a time to recruit and/or interview students. 

Gregory S. Ventura
Sr. Employment Counselor
Phone: (718) 518-4464
Fax: (718) 518-4252
Email: gventura@hostos.cuny.edu

After the event's date is confirmed and reviewed by the HCC Space Request Committee, Career Services will post position openings and recruit students for the interviews.

Follow Up:
Career Services welcomes your comments and suggestions regarding on-campus interviews. We would appreciate information about all student placements.