Consortial Associate Professor of General Education and Community Leader of Historical, Global and Civic Studies, The School of Professional Studies


Office Number: B-346

Office Tel: (718) 518-6770

Office Hours: M/W 9-10:30 or as arranged

Academic Interest:

Professor Grindley was born in Canada, and came to Hostos Community College in Fall 2004. He holds a doctorate in the History of the English Language from the University of Glasgow in Scotland, and a Masters in English Literature and a Bachelors in Creative Writing, both from the University of Victoria in Canada. Dr. Grindley's research interests include Creative Writing, Paleography, Codicology, Middle English Dialectology, Renaissance Studies, and Film Studies

Courses usually taught:

Literature and Composition, Shakespeare, The Bible and Literature, Science Fiction.

Some recent publications:
My most recent work has appeared in: The Montucky Review, Samizdat Literary Journal, Quantum Poetry Magazine, The Brooklyner, Anatomy & Etymology, Anastomoo, Atticus Review, A Bad Penny Review, and Apocrypha and Abstractions.

Previous college teaching experience:

The School of Professional Studies, CUNY; The University of British Columbia; Yale University; and The University of Victoria