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Student Health Services

475 Grand Concourse
Room A-334C (3rd Floor)
P: (718) 518-6542

The Registered Nurse assists students with Immunization
Compliance and all health needs, such as:
  • First Aid Emergency Treatment
  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Free Condoms and sanitary napkins
  • State Mandated Vaccinations on Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR).

Wellness Office

120 E. 149th Street (Walton Ave. Entrance)
Room D-101E
P: (718) 518-4483

The Wellness Office assists students with Immunization
Compliance and non-emergency health needs, such as:
  • Student centered seminars/workshops
  • Information and education regarding non-emergency health issues
  • Free fitness classes

Empowering Student Parents Program

120 E. 149th Street (Walton Ave. Entrance)
Room D-101K & M
P: (718) 518-4474

The Empowering Student Parents Program assists
expectant and parenting Hostos students by providing
the following services:
  • Connection to resources on and off campus
  • Advocacy with service providers
  • Educational workshops
  • Emergency resources

Domestic Violence Program

120 E. 149th Street (Walton Ave. Entrance)
Room D-101D
P: (718) 518-6567

The Domestic Violence Program assists students
who are experiencing and/or exposed to issues with
domestic violence and:
  • Connects students to assistance at Hostos and within their communities.
  • Provides educational information regarding domestic violence
  • Counsels students

Office Hours

August 12th- 16th  December 2nd- December 13th
Monday            10:00am-4:45pm     Monday                     11:00am-4:45pm
Tuesday -Thursday             9:30am-4:45pm  Tuesday                     10:00am-4:45pm
Friday 9:30am-3:00pm  Wednesday & Thursday  10:00am-6:45pm**
     Friday                            10:00am-3:00pm
August 19th- 23rd  December 16th- December 20th
Monday-Thursday            9:30am-6:00pm  Monday                      11:00am-4:45pm
Friday            9:30am-3:00pm Tuesday- Thursday 10:00am-4:45pm
     Friday                          10:00am-3:00pm
August 26th- 30th  December 23rd- December 27th
Monday- Thursday   9:30am-6:00pm  Monday                      10:00am-3:00pm*
Friday  9:30am-4:45pm  Tuesday & Wednesday COLLEGE CLOSED*
     Thursday 10:00am-4:45pm
     Friday                                10:00am-3:00pm
September 3rd- November 22nd  December 30th- January 3rd
Monday                                11:00am-4:45pm  Monday                            10:00am-3:00pm*
Tuesday                       10:00am-4:45pm Tuesday & Wednesday COLLEGE CLOSED*
Wednesday & Thursday 10:00am-6:45pm  Thursday                          10:00am-4:45pm
Friday                         10:00am-3:00pm  Friday                                  10:00am-3:00pm
*October 14th- COLLEGE CLOSED    

* Change to schedule
**Final late night of semester
November 25th- November 29th
Monday         11:00am- 4:45pm
Tuesday  10:00am- 4:45pm
Wednesday           10:00am -3:00pm*
Thursday & Friday  COLLEGE CLOSED*