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2017-2018 Hostos Emerging Leaders Program Application Form

2017-2018 Hostos Emerging Leaders Program Contract

  • There is no GPA requirement for recruits who participate in the Emerging Leaders Program.
  • The initiative is to provide students, who may want to participate in doing community service activities or may benefit from receiving special training, with the opportunity to do so, without overwhelming them in their efforts to work to improve themselves academically.
  • The hope is that by giving student who have struggled the opportunity to participate in specialized programming, they may be more inclined to be active on campus, may receive unique mentoring from Ambassadors or SOS Team Members and can grow and develop into valuable assets to the college community as well as improving themselves academically.
  • The Emerging Leaders Program will represent a third tier in Hostos Leadership Academy’s Membership and members of this group will be eligible for promotion into the SOS Team, based upon meeting certain criteria.

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Emerging Leaders Programs Emerging Leaders Programs
Emerging Leaders Programs Emerging Leaders Programs


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