Guidelines for Official Translation of Documents

The International Admissions Unit of the University Application Processing Center (UAPC) accepts, as official translations, those done by one of the following:

  1. Consulate or embassy of the country that issued the document; or translations verified by consulate or embassy of the country issuing the document.

  2. Translations service or agency; or immigrant/refugee association.

  3. Issuing institution.

  4. Faculty member of a U.S. high school or university. In this case, the translation:

    1. must be typed on school letterhead stationary;

    2. must state that the translator is a faculty member and which department he/she is a member of;

    3. must include a signed statement from the translator attesting to his/her familiarity with the foreign language.

The following translations are not accepted as official translations:

  1. Those done by the student or member of the student's family.

  2. Those done by an individual unless they are affiliated with any of the organizations listed above.

  3. Translations done by non-faculty school personnel.

  4. Translations done by faculty members from schools abroad.

  5. Translations done by a notary public.

Official translations must meet the following standard:

  1. All translations must be prepared using the same format as the original.

  2. All information must be translated.

  3. The translation must be verbatim.

  4. No interpretation or evaluation of information should be included.

  5. The translation must be typed and must be signed by the translator.

Translation services can be found in the Yellow Pages of your local telephone book. Please make sure that the translation service selected complies with the guidelines outlined above.

Although most of the translation services are competitive in cost, students should call to inquire about the exact price. Prices will vary according to the following:

  • The type of language translated

  • The type of document translated

  • The length of the document (number of words)

  • Other special services (example: overnight mail, etc.)

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