The CUNY LEADS Project - Linking Employment, Academics and Disability Services.

CUNY LEADS (Linking Employment, Academics and Disability Services)


 Meet with your LEADS advisor to discuss academic and career development. Ask questions regarding major exploration, career development, resume writing, interviewing and much more! 

What is the CUNY LEADS Program?
CUNY LEADS is a program established to facilitate successful academic and career outcomes for students with disabilities who are enrolled in CUNY programs. 

This exciting program is free of charge for eligible candidates and available on all CUNY campuses. Each campus has a LEADS counselor that collaborates with campus departments, agencies and businesses to provide career guidance and support to students.

What services are provided by the CUNY LEADS Program?
Each campus has a CUNY LEADS counselor who provides individualized guidance and support. Some of the services are;

  • Academic advisement
  • Career counseling
  • Resume operation 
  • Interview preparation
  • Internship assistance
  • Job seeking assistance
  • Advocacy skills

Who may be eligible for the CUNY LEADS Program? 
CUNY students with disabilities who are currently registered in;

  • Degree or Non-degree programs
  • Adult and Continuing programs
  • Allied programs
Students should inquire at the Disability Services Office of his/her campus to meet with the LEADS counselor to determine eligibility.

If you are an ARC registered student interested in seeking employment please contact:

Ms. Simone Sylvester, CUNY LEADS Specialist  
(718) 518-4467