College Now Program

College Now Program

The Hostos College Now Program's philosophy is that public school teachers, college faculty, parents and the community must work together to improve student achievement. We serve students from diverse ethnic, racial, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, particularly Hispanics and African Americans, who are representative of the majority population in the area served by Hostos. We work closely with high school support personnel and college faculty to ensure that students receive quality instruction and required guidance in their pursuit of higher education.

In collaboration with nearly sixty South Bronx high schools and the Department of Education, Hostos College Now has designed and established an integrated academic program with comprehensive support services for high school students. In 2013- 2014, over 1,000 high school students from partnering South Bronx high schools registered for College Now courses and activities, including Introduction to Criminal Justice, Introduction to Business, Psychology, and Expository Writing.  All students participate for free.

To cultivate the college experience, we hold class on our campus. Students who enroll in a Hostos College Now course are given a Hostos Community College ID card and a Blackboard and Webmail account. Students have access to many of the facilities at the college including the library, computer labs, tutoring center, and dining hall. We frame the college experience with formal orientations and support services specially designed for the high school level.

College Now courses and workshops are taught by college faculty.  College Now courses are exclusively for NYC public high school students. Students can only take one course each semester. Enrollment in a college course is a serious commitment. All college courses become a part of the CUNY transcript. If a student attends Hostos Community College as an undergraduate, the grade earned in a Hostos Community College Now course will be included in the college GPA.

All accepted students will be required to attend a mandatory orientation and maintain satisfactory participation and academic performance.

In most cases, College Now credits transfer directly within the CUNY system. Credits can also usually be transferred to other colleges - even those outside the CUNY system. You should check with the colleges you are applying to regarding their credit transfer policies.