Institutional Effectiveness

What is Institutional Effectiveness (IE)?

Institutional Effectiveness (IE) refers to how well an institution is achieving its mission and goals. An effective institution is characterized by a clearly defined mission that articulates who it serves, what it aspires to be, and what it values (Middaugh, 2010). An effective institution has clear goals that are broadly communicated to its stakeholders, and decisions are evidence-informed and mission focused.

Institutional Effectiveness Framework

At Hostos, we look at Institutional Effectiveness using a framework that incorporates two overlapping areas of planning and assessment:  

  • Organizational Capacity – Hostos Community College’s ability to assess the extent to which it fulfills its Mission and Goals through sound management, and strong organizational processes.
  • Student Learning – Hostos Community College’s ability to assess the extent to which it supports student achievement of learning outcomes. 

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Strategic Planning


Babette Audant, Ph.D
Dean of Academic Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness, Research, and Assessment &
Middle States Accreditation Liaison Officer
500 Grand Concourse, A-422, Bronx, NY 10451