College Transition Programs

College Transition Programs

The Division of Continuing Education and Workforce Development offers a range of college transition programs for adults and other learners aspiring to complete a certificate or an associate degree at Hostos Community College. In addition, we provide services and preparation for entry into other higher education institutions including the City University of New York (CUNY) and other private or public colleges.

What We Do:

  1. We provide early college and college readiness skills to Community Based Organization (CBO) and high school young adults through our two signature programs, Strive for Success or Liberty Partnership.
  2. We provide developmental and remedial instruction to adults and Hostos-admitted freshmen to help them reduce the amount of remediation and developmental instruction so that they will start college strong, and be on track to graduate on time while saving their financial aid for college credits. We do this through the Adult Learning Center’s General Education Diploma (GED) Program, the Community Language program (CLP or pre-CLIP), the CUNY Fatherhood Academy (CFA), the CUNY Language Immersion Program (CLIP), CUNY START, and Summer Start Program.
  3. We provide academic advisement and college knowledge skills including career exploration, financial aid preparation, test taking skills and other college preparation components through the CUNY START, CLIP and the CUNY Fatherhood Academy.
  4. In addition, Strive for Success provides peer-mentoring, advisement and targeted activities to support students during their first year enrollment at Hostos.

Our Programs:

College Transition Programs
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