Supplemental Instruction (SI)

What is SI?

Supplemental Instruction (SI) - We Are Here to HelpSupplemental Instruction (SI) in mathematics is an academic support program utilizing study sessions to assist students in successfully attaining the objectives of their mathematics classes. A supplemental instruction session (SI session) is an informal guaranteed study time facilitated by Peer Leaders (PLs) who plan activities to help students with study skills, organization of the material presented during regular lecture, and learning strategies.  An SI session is a time to interact with other students in the class to better learn, understand and apply the relevant material by asking questions, comparing notes, developing organizational skills and engaging with a PL.  It is neither a re-lecture of the material nor a traditional tutoring session.

What is a Peer Leader?

The Peer Leader (PL) is a Hostos student or a recent Hostos graduate who has completed the mathematics course successfully and has enrolled in the course again as a student in order to facilitate study sessions with students currently taking the course. The PL attends all of the classes in the course, sometimes he/she takes quizzes and tests given by the instructor, and works on assigned homework. Thus, the PL is prepared to address, in a collaborative fashion, any of the course and section specific mathematics problems that might arise in the SI sessions. The PL acts as a mentor by modeling leadership and appropriate study skills. As a member of the student body or as a recent graduate, the PL offers an unintimidating perspective to students learning developmental mathematics.

How many SI sessions?

All MAT 010-015-020 classes have two SI sessions each week.  Only MAT 115 classes have one SI session per week. All SI sessions will take place on the days announced on the first day of class by your instructor.  Attendance to SI sessions is essential for your success...and remember that your success is our only goal.

When do SI sessions start and take place?

SI sessions start the first week of classes.  Attendance to all SI sessions is mandatory. Since there will always be new material to discuss, each session will be different...and it is in your best interest not to miss any of them.  Bring your notes, your textbook (if you are using one in class) and, most importantly, your questions.

What is it in for me?

THESE SESSIONS ARE FOR YOU!  Attending SI sessions will greatly increase your potential for earning a higher grade in the class.  You will develop a better understanding of course content, learn effective ways of studying, become better prepared for quizzes and exams.  These skills and techniques will also help you in any subsequent mathematics courses as well as in other courses you are taking and planning to take in the future.  You will have the opportunity to work with your fellow classmates and the PL to build a strong foundation for a successful college experience.

SI Coordinator
Professor Gisselle Guzman
Office :  B-435
Phone:  718-319-790