The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the leading authority on college-educated employment, has developed a set of ethical principles known as the "Principles for Ethical Professional Practice." These principles emphasize fair and equitable recruitment processes and informed decision-making by candidates.
The Career Services Office is pleased to provide faculty and staff members with the guide on ethical and legal standards in student employment. This guide aims to support the career aspirations of students and graduates, while ensuring compliance with legal and ethical considerations that may arise during the job and internship search process.
To streamline the process and ensure equal access to opportunities, we encourage employers to contact our career services office directly and post job and internship openings on Hire Caimans, Symplicity, our centralized platform. This platform allows all qualified candidates to have an equal opportunity and prevents any potential discrimination claims. If you receive a request for student referrals, please redirect the employer to Hire Caimans, Symplicity, where the position can be openly posted and made available to all students and alumni.
We also recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion in the recruitment process. If employers seek assistance in reaching out to students from underrepresented backgrounds, we encourage you to inform our career services office. Our staff can work in collaboration with our diversity and inclusion office to facilitate these efforts.
For faculty, staff or employers interested in hiring Hostos students or graduates, we invite you to register online on the HIRECAIMANS career link, where you can post internship and employment opportunities.
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