Technology Workshops

January 25th @1pm & January 26th @5pm

Degree Works & Succeed@Hostos

Track your program of study and stay connected with advisors and faculty, who will show you what courses you need for your degree, and how many credits you have earned. 

Access 01/25 @1pm event here   with Sarah Brennan and Cesar Garrido

Access 01/26 @ 5pm event here  with Jennifer Reynoso
passcode: 591660

January 25th @5pm & January 26th @11am

CUNYFirst and Blackboard 

A hands-on workshop to get you ready for your classes. Meet with advisors who will show you how to find and select courses, look at your grades and financial aid package, and so much more. 

Access 01/25 @5pm event here  with Jomayra Peña
passcode: 533695   

Access 01/26 @11am event here  with Cesar Garrido