Office of Community Relations

The Office of Community Relations works on developing and maintaining a broad range of local, national, private and public networks focusing on community relations. The Office of serves an important role outside the classrooms at Hostos Community College by engaging stakeholders and participating in community events as well as legislative activities as part of the City University of New York External Relations Council (ERC). As the administrator in charge of the office, the Associate Dean for Community Relations serves as the college’s chief community relations liaison and reports to the President of the college. The staff works with faculty and staff on inter divisional college wide projects and represents the college at community events and international forums. Under the leadership of the Associate Dean, the Office staff is also responsible for planning, developing and implementing community policy issues representative of all aspects and phases of the college’s community relations operation. In addition, As the college’s spokesperson with community groups on policy and other highly sensitive matters, the Associate Dean serves as mediator between the external community and the college. The staff also supports the college’s mission on both international education and community issues. In addition, the Associate Dean serves as advisor to the President and other managers on topics that impact the institution.

The Office of Community Relations also works to increase college partnerships and collaborations with community based organizations, business sector entrepreneurs, the media, educators and other professionals, while advocating on behalf of the College. The Office of the Associate Dean for Community Relations supports college wide initiatives and receives broad instructions from the President related to college goals and objectives.

The Office of Community Relations is also home to the Professional Development / Teacher Training Program. The staff works with teachers, administrators, researchers and other educators to expand their knowledge about the education of diverse English Language Learner students and grants NYS DOE approved Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) credit hours.