Other Venues

Main Theater
Proscenium Stage: 42’ wide, 28’ high, 38’ from plaster line to backwall
Capacity: 902 (Orchestra, 622; Balcony 272, 8 wheelchair)

Repertory Theater
Proscenium Stage: 32’ wide, 24’ high, 24’ deep from plaster line to backwall
Capacity: 373 (367 fixed seats; 6 wheelchair)

The Art Gallery 
2000 sq feet. Fully equipped kitchen, reception counter, coat check area.
Wait service included. Capacity: 100-150

For more information about Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture's venues,
please contact: Felix M. Arocho, Performing Arts Manager
Telephone: 718-518-4477 or 718-518-6700

Maximum occupancy: *

Maximum Capacity: 600*

Dance Studio
Maximum Capacity: *

Memorial Garden
Maximum Capacity: *

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  * Occupancy is subject to space set up
**  We provide additional equipment