Emergency Response Plan

This document constitutes the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) for Hostos Community College (HCC). The plan serves as a guide for handling campus emergencies and disasters through the effective use of available personnel and resources. While it is impossible to produce a document that is all-inclusive, this plan addresses the most common emergencies and those that are most likely to occur in the future. The plan identifies departments and individuals that are directly responsible for emergency response and critical support services and it provides a management structure for coordinating and deploying essential resources. It attempts to place HCC in a proactive position to protect students, staff, faculty and visitors in case of an emergency or disaster. Lastly, it enhances the college’s ability to quickly return to normal operations after an interruption in services.

All faculty, students and staff members should familiarize themselves with the plan. Since this college plan provides broad guidelines and procedures, it is imperative that individual college departments and/or other units create their own internal emergency response plans for situations that may develop. If you have any questions concerning this college plan, please call the HCC Director of Campus Police & Security Services, Chief Arnaldo Bernabe, at extension 6888.

If you have an emergency situation dial 6888 or 6911, which is the Department of Campus Police & Security Services Desk Emergency Line. Give the Public Safety dispatcher all the pertinent information. If you are calling from a non-campus phone please call 718-518-6888 to reach the dispatcher’s desk. The Public Safety Office has a NYPD portable radio which is used during emergencies to contact the police and/ or other emergency services. You can call 911 directly, but remember to call 6888 immediately after doing so. The HCC Campus Police & Security Services is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your assistance and safety.

It is essential that the HCC Campus Police & Security Services department be notified of an emergency. Campus Police Officers are dispatched to meet responding external emergency personnel in order to quickly bring them to the location of an emergency.

This is particularly important in cases involving medical emergencies. Campus Police Officers have as part of their emergency medical equipment automated external defibrillators which are located in various areas of the campus. In administering emergency care to someone whose heart has stopped beating or has an irregular beat, it is essential that the automated external defibrillator be utilized as quickly as possible.

Locations of automated external defibrillators (AED)
A-475 Grand Concourse Building Lobby
B-500 Grand Concourse Building Lobby
C-450 Grand Concourse Building Lobby
C-450 Grand Concourse Building 3rd Floor Atrium