Frequently Asked Questions

Students' Frequently Asked Questions about the Hostos Online Bookstore

How can I get answers to my questions?

Akademos offers a customer service help desk that can be called at 1-888-286-8249 or emailed at

What happens if I order the wrong book? What if I need to return a book?

Returns – Students who need to return a book can login to their account, access the return page, or call customer service at 1-888-286-8249. Most new, marketplace, and ebook titles are eligible for a return, and we accommodate students as best we can who may have purchased the wrong book. Marketplace returns are typically accepted, but depend on the individual seller's policy. Akademos will help students submit a return, contact their marketplace seller, or list a book back on the marketplace to sell to another student.

How long does it take to receive a book from Akademos or a marketplace vendor?

Shipping Times – The transition to the online bookstore model does mean that students and faculty have to account for shipping times. Akademos and Hostos worked together to email students four weeks prior to classes starting to encourage them to view their course materials and order if possible. Akademos or student brand ambassadors representing the bookstore were available on campus at student orientations and various events as well to spread the word. Students who purchase ebooks or access codes generally receive access within a few hours of placing an order.

What happens if there is a delay with my order? What if a marketplace vendor does not send the book on time?

Occasionally, there is a delay in delivery of materials due to publisher backorders. When this happens Akademos works to alert faculty and the publishers to resolve the issue as soon as possible. It is the publisher representative's responsibility to ensure any custom materials are available prior to the start of classes and to provide temporary access to online platforms or course material if there are availability issues.

It is important that faculty carefully review and submit their materials in a timely fashion to the bookstore so that students see accurate information before they purchase. If faculty are not using a book, or are not requiring on line access, it should not be listed as a course material. Faculty are responsible for ensuring correct materials are listed for their courses.

What if I order a book and miss the delivery to my address?

If you miss the delivery of your book, check the tracking number for pickup information. Packages may be held at your local post office, or at a UPS Access Point. If a package is not picked up in time it will be returned to sender and your account will be refunded.

What forms of payment are accepted in the online bookstore?

Payment Accepted – Akademos accepts credit and debit cards and financial aid vouchers such as ASAP, ACCES-VR, and the VA. Students without a credit or debit card can purchase Visa gift cards to use on the site. Akademos also has the capability to set up additional voucher programs for students who need it.

What if I cannot receive mail where I live?

Delivery Options – Akademos and Hostos offer a ship to campus option for students who need a reliable location to receive a package. This option is available to all students during the first few weeks of each term and included in student-facing materials about the bookstore. When you check out online, you can select campus delivery at the address page. Shipments are sent to Hostos for delivery in Room C-130, C building, between 9:00 AM and 3:30 PM, Monday-Friday. Student brand Ambassadors or Akademos representatives have been in this location since classes started to assist with orders, customer service issues, and course material pick up.

What if I order a book and don’t receive a confirmation?

First, check your Hostos and personal email filters to make sure the email wasn’t filtered out of your inbox. If you do not see a confirmation email, log back into the bookstore and click on your account, then on "My Purchases." Your order ID and details should be there.

What if I order a book and no information appears in the "My Account" link?

All orders will display a confirmation page once completed with an order ID. If possible, take a picture of the confirmation page or write down the order ID. All order information will display in your account under "My Purchases." If you reload the page and do not see any order information, then the order was not placed.

What if the faculty member changes the required books after I purchased them?

Check our returns page to see if the item can be returned to the online bookstore. If the item is non-returnable, you can list the book for re-sale, instructions below.

What if I purchase a book that is final sale and then I drop the course or no longer need the book?

You can list your book to re-sell through the Online Bookstore marketplace at Additional information on how to list your books is listed below.

What if a book is on backorder and will not arrive before the first day of class?

Let your professor know that the book is on backorder. If your professor is using a custom text or a book that comes with online homework access, you should be able to access a free two-week trial of the material, or your professor may have PDFs they can share with you until the book arrives.

How do I return a rental book?

When you order a rental from us, you will receive an email containing instructions on how to access your pre-paid return label. You can do this at any time by logging into your online account, viewing your "Purchases" section, and clicking on the order in question. You can print this label right away if you want. Don't think you can hold on to a label that long? No worries. If you lose this label you can always print another one.

How do I resell the book after the course is finished?

You can list your book to re-sell through the Online Bookstore marketplace at

  1. Become a member or log in to your account. Please note, you’ll need to provide us with your name, address, and accurate credit card information so that payment can be made. Check our full privacy policy for more details.
  2. Enter the ISBN of the book that you would like to sell into the search field. Alternatively, you can search for the product using our search box, then click "Sell your book" on the product detail page.
  3. Confirm the item's listing information (title, author, binding, etc.)
  4. Rate the item according to its condition.
  5. Assign a price to your item.
  6. Upload your listing so it can be seen by students and online bookstore customers.