Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

An important security enhancement is to be implemented across CUNY Microsoft M365. This security enhancement is called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This change when in place will impact the login experience when users log in or access any products of M365. The biggest advantage when MFA is set up, even if someone were to get your username and password, they cannot access your account. 

Who does this impact? 

This change will impact all users of CUNY when they try to access Microsoft M365 Products. This change will not affect Hostos webmail or other CUNY sites/services/applications. 

When will this change happen? 

This change is going to happen soon, MFA will be made mandatory for all users across CUNY  

What is MFA 

MFA or Multi Factor Authentication is a security mechanism that requires users to provide multiple forms of identification before they can access a system. Security is enhanced by adding an additional layer of authentication on top of the traditional User Name and Password combo.

  •  Common Additional Factors of authentication such as
    • A Smart Phone (with an App) 
    • Phone
    • BioMetric Data (such as fingerprint, face recognition, etc.) 

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