About CUNY Start

CUNY Start provides intensive preparation in academic reading/writing, math, and a wide variety of other skills for college success. The program accepts students who have been accepted to college, but need to improve their academic preparation before pursuing college-level work based on their proficiency index scores. 

Students who complete the program are significantly better prepared for college-level coursework and in many cases are able to bypass required remedial coursework entirely. This makes the program ideal both for students who have been away from school for many years as well as people with high school equivalency diplomas.

Schedule Options

Full Time Program 

Academic Reading/Writing, Pre-College Math and College Success Preparation 
  • 20 hours per week: Monday through Friday, 9am–1pm

Math Start and English Start Programs
English or Math preparation and College Success Preparation

  • 16 hours per week: Monday through Thursday, 9:15-1:00pm
  • 16 hours per week: Monday through Thursday, 6-9:45pm 

**Full-time students focus on two academic subjects per semester (Academic English and Pre-College Math). Part-time students focus on one academic subject (Reading/Writing or Math) per semester.  

**College Success Preparation entails weekly College Seminars built into the program schedule and individual and small group advisement. These advisement activities take place outside of class time in addition to the instructional hours listed above.